About company

Smart Snack company is a producer of snack products that made from environmentally friendly raw materials. We have been working on the Ukrainian market for over 20 years. Our company is located in a small town in Western Ukraine.

Our mission is to create a market for natural and safe snacks with believing in the strength of the individuals to form a successful team, develop the business environment and the country.

• Opening new snack market horizons.
• Social initiatives and community support.
• Harmonious development: Person-Team-Business-Region-Country.

We are a team that works to make the comfortable present and the better future. Each of our employees is important to the company like the company is important to them. This is our secret of success.

Our product is presented in the following categories:

popcornfish snacksnuts

The company values:

  • Responsibility to the team members, their work, partners and the country.
  • A quality of the product and a work of our team.
  • Support and assistance to colleagues, partners and clients.
  • High quality result orientation.
  • Honesty and openness to the team members, partners, subordinates and clients.
  • We select the best raw materials and create the perfect recipe for our product. The products are manufactured on automated equipment under a supervision of specialists. Our products are certified according standarts and regulations of….(finish the sentence)
  •  Smart Snack Team is a high-performance, creative, ambitious team where every employee accomplishes their mission and does it well. Every day we prove that business in Ukraine is possible and profitable if we do everything honestly and with inspiration.
  • Improving. For 20 years our project has been moving forward. We are looking for the best suppliers of raw materials, the best recipes and perfect packaging. Our world is changing every day and you (WE) need to be proactive.
  • Consumer. The quality of our products is the care for our consumers . We create delicious and safe snack and assure you in its quality. Our company cooperates with retailers and suppliers in all regions of the country and exports popcorn to more than five countries.
  • Our vision is to be a leader in the popcorn segment in Ukraine and beyond.

A homepage section

Fish snacks are a traditional snack that is so loved by everyone!
Spicy taste, convenient format, stable quality make our fish products favorable for friends gatherings and parties.

Popcorn is a traditional American delicates that has become popular around the world. Made from a special kind of corn, it perfectly combines with sweet and salty ingredients. In our wide popcorn line everyone will find their favorite taste!

Nuts are a source of energy, vitamins and microelements that make this snack indispensable in our diet. One of the most popular types of snacks, it will certainly make a good company when watching an football match or favorite movie.



We select environmentally friendly raw materials. Our products are natural, without artificial flavors and additives.


When you purchase Smart Snack products, you do not overpay, however you receive the best product.


You can choose from a variety of products from several snack categories: popcorn, peanuts, pistachios, fish snacks. Everyone will find something for yourself.