Legal adviser


Main duties:

  • Participates in the work on concluding business agreements, preparing conclusions on their legal validity, drawing up protocols of disagreements, as well as considering issues of receivables and payables;
  • Analyzes and summarizes the results of court proceedings, as well as studies the practice of concluding and executing contracts in order to develop appropriate proposals to eliminate identified shortcomings and improve the economic and financial activities of the enterprise;
  • Carries out the state registration of changes to constituent documents of the enterprise and other changes;
  • Draws up claims, claims, letters, statements of claim, protects the interests of the enterprise in court and other institutions;
  • Prepares with the participation of other divisions of the enterprise materials on theft, waste, shortage, receipt of low-quality and incomplete products and other offenses for submission to law enforcement and judicial authorities, keeps records and storage of court cases that are in progress or completed by court;
  • In accordance with the established procedure, carries out training on bringing employees to disciplinary and material responsibility;
  • Provides methodological guidance on legal work at the enterprise, provides legal assistance to structural units, participates in the preparation of reasonable responses to claims.

Basic requirements:

  • Complete higher legal education;
  • Availability of a lawyer’s certificate;
  • Desire to work and gain new knowledge;
  • Efficiency of performance of the set tasks;
  • Accuracy, responsibility, honesty, punctuality;
  • Work experience of at least one year.

The company guarantees:

  • timely full pay;
  • comfortable place of work;
  • social guarantees under the Labor Code of Ukraine;
  • providing the necessary resources and tools to accomplish the tasks.

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