About us

We work in the snack market close to 20 years. To be relevant, we constantly have to develop the range and palette of flavors of snack products - and we enjoy doing this all the time our company exists!!

For, each package to become our pride and joy your, We tested a huge number of recipes, carefully select ingredients, test samples FG and leave only the best. Today we are on the snack market products in the following categories:


Focusing primarily on end-user, putting high quality and professionalism to the fore, we are a reliable and profitable partner for retailers, and suppliers.

convinced, that a successful business is only possible in a healthy society and strong communities. That is why developing social component of our business, cooperate with NGOs, support social initiatives in the region.

Our values:

  • product
  • team
  • improve
  • consumer

Our mission:

  • Opening new horizons snack market
  • Support for community and social initiatives
  • Harmonious development: Personality-Team, Business Region-Country


A homepage section

Seafood - a traditional snack, so that enjoys strong half of mankind! Spicy flavor, convenient format, stable quality - that's what makes our fishery products are essential for meeting friends and enjoying the outdoors.

Popcorn - traditional American treats, that became popular all over the world. Made from a special type of corn, He combined well with both sweet, and with salty ingredients. In the general line of our production types popcorn everyone will find their favorite flavor!

Nuts - a source of energy, vitamins and minerals, making them essential in our diet. Some of the most popular snacks, They certainly make a good company while watching an exciting football game or a favorite movie.


Natural ingredients

Using a select environmentally friendly raw materials. natural Products, without artificial flavoring additives and fillers.


Buying products Smart Snack, you do not overpay, and get a product with optimal co-money ratio.

Wide range

In your choice of a variety of snack products from multiple categories: popcorn, peanut, pistachios, seafood. We each find their.