Financial Analyst (Ternopil)


Main duties:

  • work with management and financial accounting reports (P&L, CF): data consolidation, control of correctness, analysis and interpretation of indicators;
  • budgeting: process administration, budgeting and verification, formation of planned financial indicators, plan-factual analysis;
  • preparation of financial forecasts, financial model of economic activity of the enterprise;
  • calculation and analysis of basic indicators (cost and margin of products, pricing, cost structure, break-even point, etc.);
  • analysis of projected and actual profitability of projects, formation of sound conclusions about the feasibility of investments;
  • development and adjustment of work of the direction of management and financial accounting of the company, introduction of effective methods of accounting, analysis and control.

Basic requirements:

  • higher education (economics, accounting, finance);
  • perfect knowledge of Excel, 1C 8;
  • excellent analytical skills;
  • initiative, responsibility, punctuality (including in terms of tasks);
  • attention to detail;
  • ability to work in a team, propensity for integration.